HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool Apk Free Download

If you’re employing an HTC Transfer like HTC One Hero, you’ll get to manage and backup your device from time to time. And you need to have downloaded and put in several apps on your robot.

HTC Transfer Tool Apk Free Download

These apps put in on your HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool take up plenty of cupboard space of your device. You’ll opt to delete them. Otherwise, you will choose to back them up alongside different knowledge to the pc. You’ll be able to keep the apps whereas liberating up area on HTC Transfer phone.

So a way to transfer knowledge from robot to laptop easily?

Additionally, to apps, you furthermore might get to backup plenty of different data: contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos and additional. Thus merely connecting your HTC Transfer to the laptop via USB cannot assist you a backup of this knowledge and files. With the assistance of a third-party HTC transfer tool, you’ll be able to one-click backup no matter you wish.

iPhone Mobile Transfer, a robust knowledge transfer app, cannot solely transfer knowledge from phone to phone, however additionally backup expertise from robot to laptop. You’ll be able to back up all expertise or designated merely files counting on your wants. This HTC transfer tool supports not solely HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool devices however additionally the majority mobile devices running robot OS.

HTC Transfer Tool Apk Free Download

Download and install this code on your Windows or mackintosh laptop and follow below steps to the backup robot to the Laptop.

How to Transfer robot knowledge to a laptop with HTC transfer tool?

After you transfer and install the program, run robot knowledge Transfer on your laptop and connect your robot device to the pc via USB cable. And you’ll get to change USB debugging then. Once connected, click “Back Up Your Phone” within the primary window.

The file varieties that you will back up to your laptop are displayed within the middle of the window. Currently, you’ll be able to choose all the file varieties or merely choose those you wish to transfer to laptop.

After you decide on the file varieties, click the “HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool” button to back up knowledge from robot to laptop. It takes a couple of minutes counting on the number of your files.

HTC Transfer Tool Apk Free Download

That’s it! It’s accessible to the backup robot to a laptop with the assistance of this HTC transfer tool. Thus if you have to transfer knowledge from HTC or different robot devices to, iPhone robot knowledge Transfer ought to be your wise selection.

HTC Transfer Tool Apk Free Download

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