All Mobile Phone To HTC Transfer Apk Free Download

If you’re employing an HTC Transfer like HTC One Hero, you’ll get to manage and backup your device from time to time. And you need to have downloaded and put in several apps on your robot.

HTC Transfer Tool Apk Free Download

These apps put in on your HTC transfer take up plenty of cupboard space of your device. You’ll opt to delete them. Otherwise, you will choose to back them up alongside different knowledge to the pc. You’ll be able to keep the apps whereas liberating up area on All Mobile Phone To HTC Transfer Apk phone.

So a way to transfer knowledge from robot to laptop easily?

Additionally, to apps, you furthermore might get to backup plenty of different data: contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos and additional. Thus merely connecting your HTC Transfer to the laptop via USB cannot assist you a backup of this knowledge and files. With the assistance of a third-party HTC transfer tool, you’ll be able to one-click backup no matter you wish.

iPhone Mobile Transfer, a robust knowledge transfer app, cannot solely transfer knowledge from phone to phone, however additionally backup expertise from robot to laptop. You’ll be able to back up all knowledge or designated merely files counting on your wants. This HTC transfer tool supports not solely HTC transfer devices however additionally the majority mobile devices running robot OS.

HTC Transfer Tool Apk Free Download

Download and install this code on your Windows or mackintosh laptop and follow below steps to the backup robot to the computer.

How to Transfer robot knowledge to a laptop with All Mobile Phone To HTC Transfer tool?

After you transfer and install the program, run robot knowledge Transfer on your laptop and connect your robot device to the pc via USB cable. And you’ll get to change USB debugging then. Once connected, click “Back Up Your Phone” within the primary window.

The file varieties that you will back up to your laptop displayed within the middle of the window. Currently, you’ll be able to choose all the file varieties or merely choose those you wish to transfer to laptop.

After you decide on the file varieties, click the “Start Transfer” button to back up knowledge from robot to laptop. It takes a couple of minutes counting on the number of your files.

HTC Transfer Tool Apk Free Download

That’s it! It’s accessible to the backup robot to a laptop with the assistance of this HTC transfer tool. Thus if you have to transfer knowledge from HTC or different robot devices to, iPhone robot knowledge Transfer ought to be your wise selection.



HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool APK Free Download

With the massive success of HTC Transfer One M7 in last year, HTC has long ready to unharness its successor M9 to the market to continue the success story. It’s rumored that twenty-fifth of 1 M8 patron return from previous Samsung mobile users.

If you wont to be one amongst the Samsung users and had switched to All Mobile Phone To HTC Transfer Ask the primary issue you’d wish to do ought to be repetition Samsung phone content to your HTC phone. Area unit you continue to try to find associate ways that to adjust music, videos, photos from Samsung to HTC?

HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool APK Free Download

Area unit you plan to transfer contacts from Samsung to HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool victimization Google account?

Even with Google account, you’re stopping in copy Text Messages, SMS, MMS from Samsung to HTC?

All you would like is associate open mind and a one-click phone to phone knowledge transfer tool – Syncios knowledge Transfer.

{the knowledge|the info|the information} Transfer developed by Anvsoft company is sweet at transferring data between most in style mobile phones that area unit supported golem, iOS software. In another word, it transfers knowledge from Samsung to any or all series of HTC phone, akin to HTC Transfer One conflagration S A510E, HTC Desire, HTC needs HDA9191, HTC conflagration, HTC needs HD, HTC One V, etc.

HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool APK Free Download

One-Click transfer contents from Samsung to HTC Transfer contacts, messages, call logs, music, photos, videos, bookmarks, and more.

One-Click Backup Samsung/HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool knowledge and restore in lossless quality.
Restore iTunes music and playlist to HTC Transfer comfortable.
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Download transfer knowledge transfer waterproof

Syncios Samsung to HTC Transfer knowledge transfer

likes one Click Transferring Samsung Contents to HTC Transfer
Step 1. transfer and install Samsung to HTC Transfer on your laptop in step with your pc OS (Windows Version / waterproof Version ), double-click the desktop icon to launch the phone-to-phone transferring program.

Step 2. Connect your Samsung and HTC Transfesmartphone on to pc via USB cables. Click ” Phone to Phone Transfer” to directly copy knowledge from golem to golem. (Tips: you’ll be able to one-click backup Samsung or HTC by clicking the Backup button.)


Step 3. Then, choose knowledge you would like to modify from Samsung to HTC on the middle checkbox, akin to Contacts, Music, Video, SMS, Photo, Calendar, Bookmarks, etc. when selected, click “Start Copy” button to launch the transferring method.

HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool APK Free Download

Make sure that your phones area unit connected till the transferring is over. It ought to be drained some minutes, counting on the info size. Once finishing transferring, click “OK” to finish it.

transfer knowledge from Samsung to HTC

Congratulations on you’ve got succeeded in moving contacts, music, videos, photos, messages, bookmarks, calendars, SMS from HTC To Samsung Transfer Tool. If you would like to adjust the iTunes playlist to HTC or Samsung, on the feature page, click “Restore” and choose iTunes playlist or music to transfer to your golem device.

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Transfer HTC TO M7 M8 Tool APK Free Download


What’s Changed? HTC One M7 vs. HTC One M8

1. Specifications – The Transfer HTC TO M7 M8 Tool One M8 got two.3-GHz quad-core flower 801 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of aboard storage. It’s additionally accessorial a 64GB microSD card slot, further as 50GB of free Google Drive storage. Whereas the One M7 featured a one.7-GHz Flower 600 mainframes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

Transfer HTC TO M7 M8 Tool  APK Free Download

2. Camera – The Transfer HTC TO M7 M8 Tool One M8’s slick couple Camera combines the first Ultra-megapixel shooter with a secondary camera. It permits you to create 3D-like photos mistreatment the new Dimension and tool.

With the UFocus setting or the news conference tool, you’ll be able to additionally blur the background or foreground in your shots. in contrast to HTC transfer tool One M7’s two.1-megapixel front camera, HTC transfer tool One M8 encompasses a new 5-megapixel front-facing shooter, creating your selfies scammer and a lot of colorful than before.

3. show – The HTC transfer tool One M8 encompasses a larger 5-inch 1920 x 1080-pixel Super {lcd|liquid crystal show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} three display. The Transfer HTC TO M7 M8 Tool One M7 sported a four.7-inch 1920 x 1080-pixel show. The One M8’s larger show suggests that its footprint grows considerably from five.4 x 2.7 x 0.36 inches to five.8 x 2.8 x 0.37 inches.

4. BlinkFeed – The BlinkFeed app makes the HTC One M7 outstanding, giving a Flipboard-style news reader with all of the newest posts from your favorite websites and social media apps. HTC transfer tool  One M8’s BlinkFeed has been a lot of integrated with Foursquare and Fitbit practicality.

Transfer HTC TO M7 M8 Tool Updated Version APK Free Download

BlinkFeed will currently provide you with the names of near restaurants throughout meal times with Foursquare ANd Fitbit will allow you to import all of your physical exertion stats from your Fitbit into an activity hub that you will monitor at any time.

You should grasp that the importance of repetition the info from the recent HTC transfer tool to the new one before you ditch the current HTC transfer tool phone, as an example, HTC One M7. Jointly of the first necessary files of a telephone, contacts should be taken into thought within the 1st place. A way to transfer contacts from HTC to HTC?

The MobiKin Phone Transfer (Windows or Mac) is that the answer to the present question.

With this skilled phone to phone transfer program, you’ll be able to transfer contacts from HTC transfer tool One M7 to 1 M8 or from HTC One M8 to 1 M7 at a can. Over that, text messages, call logs, videos, photos, music, and apps are moved between HTC sensible phones entirely too.

As for the devices, different robot phones like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Nexus, Huawei and LG supported by this powerful software package. Even Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry, and iPhone area unit compatible with the program. Currently, you’ll be able to move to succeed half too see a way to transfer contacts from HTC to HTC individually.

Transfer HTC TO M7 M8 Tool Updated Version APK Free Download

Tips: Here area unit some suggestions that assist you to edit your HTC transfer tool contacts on laptop or Macintosh.

Copy Contacts between HTC transfer tool Devices with HTC knowledge Transfer Program
Step 1. transfer and Install the Phone Transfer software package

We’ll take the Windows version as AN example. Thus you’ll be able to move a free trial Windows version and install it on your PC. Macintosh users will switch to the Macintosh version instead.

When you end putting in the program, you’ll be able to run it on your laptop.

Step 2. choose the Phone to Phone Transfer Feature

Link the HTC sensible phones to your laptop with USB cables. And pick the Phone to Phone Transfer feature from the choices.

Step 3. Transfer Contacts from HTC transfer tool

There area unit 2 panels that show the two devices. Mark Contacts and click on the transferring icons with an arrow within the middle panel to transfer contacts from HTC transfer tool additionally, videos, music, photos, and apps synchronized between HTC sensible phones with similar steps.






HTC Transfer Tool Updated Version APK Free Download


The smartphone market has grown up hugely than what it wont to be within the past. Nowadays, smartphones are becoming larger, better, economical and obtainable at lower rates than earlier. Is often all thanks to a competitive market that corporations have started commerce a higher smartphone at lower costs.

HTC Transfer Tool Updated Version APK Free Download

Technology is productive day by day and a few folks oft amendment their smartphones to stay up with the most recent technology. However, the shift to a brand new device is rarely simple if you don’t wish to lose the information on the previous method. Here within the article, we’ve mentioned various HTC Transfer Tool Updated Version to switch from a smartphone before a brand new HTC device.

About HTC Transfer Tool
Restrictions of HTC Transfer Tool
Alternative to HTC Transfer Tool for Selective knowledge Transfer
Alternative to HTC Transfer Tool for All knowledge Transfer at One Click
About HTC Transfer Tool

HTC smartphones become very talked-about lately, and plenty of individuals square measure dynamic to HTC devices from their previous phones. Higher build quality, superior performance, and more upper client support square measure the most reasons for his or her condition.

Thus once HTC concentrates such a lot on the client satisfaction, however, may they let folks suffer once creating the transition from their older phones to new devices?

HTC transfer tool is a political candidate application from HTC dedicated to creating the switch from previous to new HTC devices easier.

HTC Transfer Tool Updated Version APK Free Download

The HTC Transfer tool, phone knowledge may be just from unspecified humanoid device to HTC while not losing any understanding. This tool uses Wi-Fi direct technology to transfer phone knowledge from the previous method to the new one.

The HTC transfer tool could suit one’s desires in that:

• It will transfer messages, contacts, calendars, etc.
• Easily transfer music, video, and documents with The HTC Transfer tool.
• Fast and reliable with none risk of losing knowledge whereas shifting.
• The interface is clean and comfortable which may be only understood by the users.
• It supports an oversized style of HTC devices with humanoid version a pair of.3 and on top.
Restrictions of HTC Transfer Tool Updated Version
HTC Transfer tool is excellent for a shift to AN HTC device from any humanoid phone. However, it conjointly has some limits, which can build it fails to fulfill the wants of some people:

Transfer Tool Updated Version APK Free Download

• The supply device to that knowledge is to HTC Transfer Tool Updated Version device.
• It doesn’t support cross-platform transfer from humanoid to Windows.
• For older version of humanoid below a pair .3, it uses Bluetooth to transfer knowledge that is incredibly slow as compared to Wi-Fi direct transfer.
• It can’t move apps put in on the previous device.
HTC Transfer tool can’t be wont to transfer files from HTC devices to alternative humanoid devices. If you would like to transfer phone knowledge from HTC too, for instance, Xperia, then you ought to realize another program.

Alternative to HTC Transfer Tool for Selective knowledge Transfer
No doubt HTC Transfer tool may be a superb application for transferring knowledge from AN humanoid device to HTC smartphone, the reverse isn’t potential. If you would like a higher tool for this task, then

A transfer is that the best choice. It permits you to transfer phone knowledge from one humanoid device to the other humanoid, iOS, Mac, or Windows devices in straightforward steps. With this tool, you’ll transfer photos, music, SMS, Apps, movies and video clips only. Directly connect the humanoid device to a laptop via a USB cable and begin the transfer.

Alternative to HTC Transfer Tool for Selective knowledge Transfer

Transfer permits quick transfer of phone knowledge to alternative devices.
Supports transferring a range of information together with photos, videos, audio files and for a lot.
Can be put in on each Windows and humanoid software.

HTC Transfer Tool Updated Version APK Free Download

Over 7000 humanoid devices supported together with HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, etc.
You can choose what files you would like to transfer and what not.
Available on: Windows waterproof
Start transfer

Follow the steps below to transfer phone data:

Step 1: transfer, install and launch humanoid Utility on your laptop.

Launch dr.fone

Step 2: choose “Transfer” on the dr.fone – Transfer home screen.

start the transfer

Step 3: Then connect each humanoid devices to the pc via a USB cable. It’ll discover the method and complete the affiliation. Confirm to modify USB debugging on each machine.

Step 4: Then, choose what you would like to transfer music, videos or photos. For instance, if you would like to huntsman photos, click on Photos at the highest ribbon and choose that you would like to transfer.

select the Photos tab

Step 5: Click on “Export” button at the highest and opt for “Export to Device.”

transfer photos to a different device

Step 6: choose the trail on the different humanoid device and click on alright to begin the transfer method.

Transfer Tool Updated Version APK Free Download


Alternative to TraHTC Transfer Tool Updated Version for All knowledge Transfer at One Click

With  Transfer, you ‘ll opt for that files to transfer to the different humanoid device or laptop, i.e., it permits the selective transfer. However to move everything from one device to a different, use dr.fone – Switch, that is that the best different to HTC Transfer tool once transferring all the information with one click.

With  Switch, one will transfer everything from contacts, decision history, messages, music, pictures, etc. from one device to a different. It’s a vicinity of the dr.fone humanoid utility. Thus you oughtn’t to transfer separate package.

Transfer Tool Updated Version APK Free Download


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